Cosball Project, Revolutionizing the Skin Care Industry

Health Tech Envisioned Through Beauty


The Cosball Project seeks to build an ecosystem that embodies health and wellness through a technology based user friendly approach

It is often said that, “Your skin is the window to your health”

The health of your skin reflects your internal health. The Cosball Health Tech Project seeks to tackle wellness through beauty because beauty is more than skin deep.

Cosball Health Tech Project

Technology Layers

A personalized health and wellness platform leveraging blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies to bring value to data.

The Cosball Platform is built upon multiple protocols and tech stacks, with each providing essential value to the Cosball ecosystem and development.

Cosball Technology

Cosball Application

The Cosball Health Tech Project promotes mobile health (mHealth) through the development of the Cosball application.

Using the latest in facial scanning technology, the Cosball app is able to provide real-time skin analysis based on the Cosball Big Data (“Skin Score”). Thus allowing for the first-ever peer-based skin review reporting system.

Cosball Technology


Users of the Cosball app are able to input their personal information, such as age, gender, and ethnicity, to get more accurate reporting.

Peer-based reporting:

User results are determined based on a comparison of a similar age group, plus and minus 2 (two) years from the user’s age. Example: Jane’s (35 years old), Skin Score is based on the big data collected between users 33 to 37 years old.


Health Tech Envisioned Through Beauty

Smart Beauty Assistant

CosAI is built into the Cosball app allowing for users to get real-time progress reporting and guidance to their health.

Cosball Algorithm

The Cosball Algorithm uses real-time Skin Score reports based on the datafication of the scanned images and the personal information collected, which is then compared against the Cosball Big Data platform. This result is then combined with the current weather data in order for CosAI to recommend the most optimized Cosball product combination.

Big Data and Blockchain

Every time a user initiates a scan, the results of the scan are collected and compiled into the Cosball Big Data. Thereby creating the based on which Skin Score results are based on.



AI Diagnosis

Skin scanning technology enabling the datafication of the facial scan which is then processed through the Cosball AI

Big Data and Blockchain

The ever-growing and evolving data source upon which the Cosball AI algorithm is based

Progress Tracking

A timeline of the users progress over a period of time that enable the users to review their results, resulting in better skin care practices

Skin Care Recommendation

Cosball products recommended by the AI algorithm based upon the diagnosis

Cosball Big Data Mining

The Cosball Platform

The Cosball platform embodies a philosophy of mutual growth, where the ecosystem builds upon itself.

The Cosball token powers the Cosball ecosystems, creating value to  user actions.

Every time a user performs a facial scan, data is added to the Cosball Big Data. With each scan the platform becomes more accurate and comprehensive, this in turn allows the platform to provide more accurate reporting to the users. In return for providing data to the platform, users are rewarded with Cosball Tokens.

Cosball Ecosystem Progress

Application & Smart Factory & Product

Production and Manufacturing Philosophy

“Automation leads to Quality Control that enables Mass Production which allows for Global Mass Sales”

Cosball’s Module Smart Factory was designed and created to be shelf-enclosed and module, allowing it to be shipped all over the world. Instead of creating the products in one location and shipping the product all over the world, the Cosball factory is shipped, and the product is created locally.

Compact moveable production line: (est. 4 meters) > Reduction in setup time and expansion overhead Quick establishment, expansion, and relocation.

Sealed production line > Reduce setup time and operations overhead (No need for a clean facility)

By combining a Natural Preservative Base with a New Packaging Method, Cosball has created a 100% effective Preservation System NO: Preservatives or Chemicals additives High: Active Ingredients *50% All natural beneficial base & 50% Active ingredients

Cosballs are packed in a perfectly sealed, one-time use, environmentally friendly plastic made from potato starch


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